Sunday, May 18, 2014


With the past heat wave we just experienced in San Diego it's time to think about Summer - Summer in San Diego on a Yacht! Have You Ever Just Wanted To “Slip Away” For A Few Days From Everyday Life? Most people do, but end up staying in the same old generic hotel room. When was the last time you called a friend and said, “You should see this place, it’s fantastic! Can’t remember?” Plan to get away on one of our beautifully appointed yachts: Slipaway - a 45’ Hardin Ketch; Silver Cloud – a 46’ Sea Ray Express Cruiser; Sea Horse - a 47' Beneteau; Ode To Our Joy - a 50' Bayliner; or our newest yacht to our fleet Elegante - a 82' Classic Motor Yacht. All of these fantastic yachts are moored at the secluded Shelter Cove Marina. For about the same price as a hotel room you can be sleeping on the water in San Diego’s famous America’s Cup Harbor. With our yachts you are not renting a room, you are living in a fully functional vessel. Come experience what it is really like to live at sea.

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